Product Description


Make: Waterman
Model: Serenite Special Edition
Origin: France
Dates from (approx): 2005
Cap Finish: Blue Resin with Sterling Silver trim.
Barrel Finish: Blue Resin.
Overall Length: 144mm
Filling Type: standard Waterman Rollerball refill.
The Serenite was introduced in 2000 and was positioned at the very top of the Waterman range at that time. It is a prestigious pen, beautifully designed and crafted, and is known and admired by collectors from all over the world.

The unique curved shape was designed to resemble a samurai sword and the solid sterling silver trim complements this image. The pen is in mint condition and is supplied in its original box with a seperate outer sleeve. The outer sleeve is a bit scuffed but it has done its job in protecting the contents!

This is one of a limited edition produced to present to the club’s director’s by sponsors Samsung. It has the Chelsea logo embedded in the end of the cap.

This a very desirable pen in mint condition.

Condition: Mint