Product Description


Make: Sheaffer
Model: PFM III
Origin: Australia
Dates from (approx): 1960
Cap Finish: Black with Gold Filled Trim
Barrel Finish: Black
Overall Length: 135mm
Filling Type: Snorkel Pump Filler
Nib: Broad, 14ct gold inlaid.
Inscription: None


The PFM (Pen For Men) was introduced by Sheaffer in 1959. It quickly established itself as one of the most successful pens ever made by Sheaffer and many collectors view it as one of the best pens ever made. It is a large pen, beautifully designed and built with high quality workmanship and technical excellence.


It is fully serviced and ready to write. It is in good condition throughout with some minor marks and scratches commensurate with use. There is a score mark on the hood caused by the inner cap (visible on the picture of the nib).