Product Description

Make: Swan (Mabie Todd & Co.)
Model: C2 Eyedropper
Origin: UK
Dates from (approx): 1920
Cap Finish: Black Hard Rubber
Barrel Finish: Black Hard Rubber
Overall Length: 135mm
Filling Type: Eyedropper.
Nib: 14ct gold, Broad Oblique Italic.


This is a very nice example of this early pen. This is an eyedropper model dating from sometime after 1917 because it has marked “Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd.” and Mabie Todd were not incorporated as a Limited Company until 1917. It is also fitted with a Safety Screw Cap rather than the earlier slip caps.

The pen is made from hard rubber and is in fantastic condition with no splits, cracks or deep scratches. The imprint is worn but still legible. It was made in the UK and is fitted with a fantastic Broad Oblique Italic nib which writes quite beautifully. See writing sample!

The pen has been fully serviced and is ready to write.