Product Description


Make: Sheaffer
Model: Valiant Snorkel Fountain Pen
Origin: Australia
Dates from (approx): 1952
Cap Finish: Burgundy with Gold Filled Trim.
Barrel Finish: Burgundy
Overall Length: 140mm.
Filling Type: Snorkel Pump Filler
Nib: 14ct gold, Medium

Inscription: Signature “Davis” on the cap band.

This is the Valiant, another of the snorkel filling fountain pens from Sheaffer. It was made in Australia around 1952 and is finished in Burgundy with gold filled trim.

The pen is fitted with a triumph wraparound nib which writes with a super smooth Medium line.

The snorkel filling system was unique to Sheaffer and consisted of a narrow tube that extended out from under the nib. This tube is dipped in the ink bottle and used to draw up the ink into the reservoir. This keeps the nib clean and it was an efficient system that worked very well.

The mechanism on this pen has been fully serviced. The pen is in excellent condition, it has no significant marks or scratches and the plating is in good order. The gold filled cap band has a neat inscription that lloks like “Davis” but it is in the form of a signature so it is hard to tell!!

Condition: Grade A